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"Sensors and solutions for Measuring & Improving Quality Production"

Who We Are?

We, Technological Value Solutions Automation Controls are facilitating manufacturers to inculcate flexibility into their production processes that leads to improvements in processes, increased velocity of changes and enhanced productivity. This is possible with the help of following technology adoption

  • Industrial IOT Pro-solutions (products and solutions)
  • Connected enterprise
  • Integrated information flow
  • Real-time production information

Effectively linking all the systems lead to maximum data transparency in real time, that in turn enables increased availability of manufacturing intelligence, that aids in carrying out changes, and improving the production process. We assist our clients to attain this intelligence to inculcate flexibility in their production process while leading to increased productivity.

Some aspects of intelligence, we help in bringing into our daily production operations are

  • Integrity check
  • Machine, line, plant integration and visibility
  • Machine metrics, Line metrics, Plant metrics
  • Production machines, line, plant data logging, data mining, data management, analytic and reporting solutions
Industries Addressed

We cater to different industries such as:
  • Automotive and automotive components
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastic and rubber
  • Cement 
  • PV solar roof top solutions and pumps